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Dr. Matthew and her team at Signature Wellness strive to help people achieve optimal health so they may enjoy the best quality of life today, minimize risks for chronic disease and preserve an excellent quality of life for the future.

Signature Wellness integrates established medical concepts, emerging science and evidence-based nutritional medicine to create a personalized, pro-active plan to enhance health and help prevent disease.

Dr. Matthew’s medical area of focus is bio-identical hormone replacement for Men & Women. While well known locally as a pioneer in Medical Wellness, she has also been featured in New You magazine an international publication and she is also frequently invited to participate in Medical conferences nationally and internationally as a lecturer and an expert resource.

“Take good care of your future because
that’s where you’re going to spend the rest of your life.”
- K. Kettering

By Design – Exclusive. Unrushed. Personalized.

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deborah matthew charlotte bioidentical hormone doctor invited to bangkok

Dr. Matthew invited expert speaker in Bangkok, Thailand 2013


deborah matthew charlotte bioidentical hormone doctor invited to Bali

Dr. Matthew was invited to Bali as an expert examiner and speaker in 2013.


Dr. Matthew in Dubai

Dr. Matthew giving a lecture in Dubai, 2014


Dr. Matthew : Invited Expert Speaker - Florida | May 2015

Dr.Matthew - Lecture in Las Vegas - Dec 2014

Dr. Matthew speaking in Las Vegas 2015


Dr. Matthew Speaking at the Metabolic Medicine Institute Conference

Dr. Matthew Speaking again in Las Vegas 2015

Dr.Matthew lecturing in Dubai 2015

Dr.Matthew and Dr. Runels (Vampire facelift creator)


Dr.Matthew Interviewed by Simply Health TV 2015

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