Medical Weightloss


The Signature Wellness personalized weight loss plan.

There are many weight loss programs and fad diets. The most successful program is the one that you feel most comfortable following.  Although your plan will be personalized, its building blocks are based on our Signature Wellness QuickStart model. It is important to understand that caloric restriction should not sacrifice nutrition to get results.

Your plan will include:



Our medically supervised staff will provide personalized support and direction.



A 3-Phase diet and nutrition plan.



Telephone and in Office support



Medications when appropriate. We prefer not to use prescription medications but understand that sometimes these can help in difficult cases.



Easy to follow individualized exercise plan.



Supplements are offered for some patients when appropriate.



Deborah Matthew MD

Wellness for Men, Women and Children

President – NC Integrative Medical Society

Advanced Fellow Functional Medicine

Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-

   Aging & Regenerative Medicine (A4M)

Diplomat of the American Board of

   Integrative & Holistic Medicine (ABIHM)

Oral Examiner for A4M

Medical Director


Staci Burrell FNP

ANCC Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner


Marci Scott ND

Patient Educator, Naturopath


Heather Baerga RN BSN

Aesthetic & Wellness Nurse


Dee Langford APRN – BC

Adult Psychotherapist


Debbie Dalessandro RN, BSN 

Wellness Educator, Health Coach



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